Several old projects can be found on my old sourceforge profile [https://sourceforge.net/u/saufnix/profile/] Some new projects can be found on github [https://github.com/saufnix] I have programmed in a lot of languages. My favourite programming language is C but I also tried
 ● Java a nice object oriented language.
 ● JavaScript also a nice language. It's getting more important.
  - A very small JavaScript Interpreter, written in C is duktape.
 ● C++ a pseudo object oriented language
  ● I don't like C++ that much, because
   - 1) of it's static polymorphism. There is a case in which polymorphism don't work.
   - 2) No binary compatibility between different compilers, unlike C. An extern function void foo(int) has different names. In C it's just foo.
   - 3) No reflection like in Java. There would be not that much waste to have an optional description of each class. However, in C there is also no reflection.
   - 4) Templates: They are just better macros despite to the generic's in Java. The compiler errors can get really funny if something is wrong in the template.
   - However, things are getting better with C++11, especially Lambda functions.
 ● stack based languages
  ● TCL
  ● Forth, PostScript
   - you find more information on complang TUWien
 ● Assembler: Intel 80386, 6502

I use the following Compiler's:
 ● Linux: gcc, DOS: Open Watcom, C64: cc65

Programming challenge:
Several years ago I program a hello world program for the Atari 2600 (see atariage). It's rather complicated, because the 2600 has only 128 byes of RAM and no video memory. So you have to program the television scan directly.
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