You escaped from the evil king and travel several days accross the desert.
Thirty and without any hope you reached a small cottage. The nice owner prevent you from dying.
He was going to buy some stuff but gives you some useful hints:

1) Search for blacksmith in shop.
2) At 117/117 a merchant will arrive
3) In the south there is a hidden travel-cave.

Defeat magic enemies (= colored letters) to earn magic scrolls for your primary armor and weapon.
During your adventure you learn extract and combine - two useful skills you need to advance the game.

You can extract scrolls from magic items and use these scrolls to advance or create new magic weapons and armor.
With combine, you can create your own staff: combine stick and knife (see help).
The end-boss lives in a tower in the cold north.

ATTENTION: Don't drop items in buildings - they are lost.

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